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Widgetopia is the best collection of widgets for wordpress, it combines all the most wanted wordpress widgets in one plugin,
including the most viewed posts, Top search keywords, "Also in this category", and much more.
this version contains 21 widgets, just drag / drop them in any widget slot.

More widgets are coming with every update, you can also request new widgets that can be considered for the next update.

The widgets included in the current version are :

  • Most viewed posts today 
  • Most viewed posts this week 
  • most viewed posts this month 
  • Popular posts with featured images 
  • Recent posts with featured images 
  • Random in this category <br />
  • Random in category with featured images 
  • Recent in category 
  • Recent in category with featured images
  • Recent keywords Wordpress Widget 
  • weeks top keywords 
  • Month top keywords 
  • Month top keywords with featured images
  • Featured user Wordpress Widget 
  • Hit counter 
  • Random posts 
  • Random picture 
  • Random comments 
  • Keywords cloud 
  • Searching for.. 
  • Are you looking for ..? 



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