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What is TunesGo for Android(Mac)?
TunesGo for Android is a perfect companion for anyone with a Mac and an Android at the same time. With it you can enjoy all the benefits of using iTunes and much more.

Sync iTunes Music, Video and Other Media files to Android on Mac
TunesGo for Android gives you the same convenience of using iTunes with your Android. You can sync all media files from iTunes to your Android device, not just music, but also video, TV shows, itunes U, Playlists, Podcasts etc. With music you can sync along artists, album artworks etc. as well.

Copy Files from Mac to Android
Gotta contacts, photos, videos or some other files you want to transfer from Mac to Android? Let Tunesgo for Android do the trick for you! A simple drap-and-drop will help transfer all these files to your Android.

Sync Back Music Library from Android to Mac
Don’t ever bother yourself worrying you’d lose your entire music collection in case of Mac crash again. TunesGo has your back. As long as you’ve synced your media files from iTunes to Android before, you can now easily sync all media files back to your Mac.



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