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The Word Count Manager is an extremely powerful tool for carrying out the process of word count. This is latest word count software which is used by many transcription and translation industries. The software is a great way to count words and pages. It is also a great way for carrying out line count, page count & character count of various files. The word count tool can be used in multiple files in different formats.  It can be effectively used for calculating amounts and generating reports.
The word count manager can be used in different file formats like Doc, Docx, xlsx, xls, ppt, pub, pdf, html, log, csv, ini and pptx.  The word count software is an extremely fast and reliable tool. It gives very accurate results which maintain the quality of the scripts and writings. The tool is widely used in various translation and transcription industries. It is used in secretarial and medical transcription areas for line count, page count & character count. The most attractive feature of the software is that it can be easily downloaded from the internet. This helps the users in saving a lot of time and money.
The users can use this software for counting the words in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Publisher. It can also effectively count the words in Microsoft PowerPoint and PDF.

The software counts words, lines, characters and even pages of different files without involving much time and costs. It is also capable of calculating different costs of different file translations. It can be used irrespective of the formats of the files and scripts.
The availability of the word count software over the internet makes it very easy for people in the transcription and translation industries to easily download it and use it. It is available for free over the internet without any charges. The translated files are analyzed in a very accurate manner which gives the authentic results about the scripts and writings. The software is highly capable of counting a combination of different numbers and alphabets. It can also count words with a hyphen and apostrophe. The tool can also be used online which makes the work simpler.  They can be used by simply copying and pasting the text on the website.

The word count manager is an effective tool for various organizations. Different media houses and institutions involved in different publications. Such software helps them in maintaining the required word counts for their publications, writings, press releases and articles.



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