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Product description:
In generally it work like AVSB except that it use 2 analyze modules instead of one analyze module use AVSB. It is easy to use so all you should do is to select the casino where you want to play also 2 RNG which will play against one Playtech Casino RNG. During the game you will be able to set the active analyze module which will suggest the color to bet also you will be able to modify real time the results suggested by any of them.

In order to start your game please follow next steps:
1. Select the casino where you want to play.
2. Select RNG 1 and RNG 2 you want to play against Playtech Online Casino RNG.
3. Select analyze method.
4. Select the progression to use.
5. Enter the amount you want to win and the software will start to play.
During the game you will be able real time to control it via triggers and break points.



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